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Software Downloads

Provided below are links to enable technicians to download the latest versions of MassTech proprietory software. 

MassTechTS (Technician Software) this runs on a laptop computer in combination with Keller sensors to record test results. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows7, Vista and later versions of  Microsoft XP operating systems. It requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4 to also be installed this may be obtained by following the second  link below.

MassTechTS (Version 2010d)  Download-Button      

Microsoft.NET Framework 4 is required to be installed on a computer before MassTechTS can be run it is a large download approximately 48.1 Mb if you have a slow internet connection it wil take some time to download. 

Microsoft.NET Framework 4      Download-Button

MassTech Local Analysis Program (LAP)   Download-Button